Sword & Hammer

Sword of Destruction

Delayed Sword

Grasp of Death

Mace of Aggression

Attacking Mace

Lone Kimono

Alternating Maces

Deflecting Hammer

Obscure Wing

Triggered Salute

Glancing Salute

Thrusting Salute

Gift of Destruction

Twisted Twig

Buckling Branch

Five Swords

Shielding Hammer

Reversing Mace

Repeating Mace

Thrusting Prongs

Raining Claw

Snapping Twig

Leaping Crane

Mittelstufen-Techniken (l-gr)

Desperate Falcons

Repeated Devastation

Wings of Silk

Blinding Sacrifice

Thrusting Wedge

Crossing Talon

Glancing Spear

Parting Wings

Dominating Circles

Crashing Wings

Destructive Twins

Striking Serpents Head

Conquering Shield

Wings of Silk

Crossed Twigs

Locked Wing

Grip of Death

Fatal Cross

Scraping Hoof

Circling Wing

Twirling Wings

Hooking Wings

Spiraling Twig

Shield & Sword

Raking Mace

Hugging Pendulum


Twirling Hammers

Thrust into Darkness

Shield & Mace

Gripping Talon

Prance of the Tiger

Swinging Pendulum

Bowing to Buddha

Back Breaker

Defensive Cross

Entangled Wing

Circling Fans

Flashing Mace

Snaking Talon

Darting Mace

Reversing Circles

Cross of Destruction

Unwinding Pendulum

Fatal Cross

Thundering Hammers

Dance of Darkness

Circles of Protection

Gathering Clouds

Flashing Wings

Destructive Kneel

Unfurling Crane

Protecting Fans

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